Medium Journal Day 8 — Writing Tips — Lessons Learned.

More “Lessons Learned” from my experience on Medium writing a Journal for seven days. How I; re-organize my writing. How to Note.

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3 Lessons About Journals:

It has been five days since my last Journal entry. My first lesson learned; is that my Journal days do not match up, with my daily routine. Doing a daily Journal every day took up to much time for me to do other writing.

My second lesson learned is the format I used was not based; completely on the number three. There are many things about the number three in writing that makes people absorb more of what they are reading or seeing. I am devoting a complete article to why the number three is important to writers.

My third lesson learned is there are so many types of Journals. I started a separate Journal where I put the notes I take as thoughts pop into my brain. To start to organize these Journals, one needs to keep them accessible and keep separate books.

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My Reorganization — Lists



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