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Medium Restart Day 3 — Time Management Part 1 — Researching

Jay Javurek
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An old book with browned pages sitting open on a wood table of a brown desk. Laying on this opened book is an old-style Fountain Ink Pen with a wooden handle. Perhaps to use for note-taking as the book is full of text. There is an old-style vest watch, silver with a winder on top and chain connected. The time is six thirty. My grandpa had one like that.
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Time Management is a process that needs to allow you to complete the goals you set for yourself by the hour divided into two thirty-minute time frames or by three as twenty minutes time segments.

Video Research:

If you can complete three different Research things in twenty minutes each hour. Then you are a get-it-done speed pro. This is the time frame I try to use when Watching Youtube Videos for research — “In general Youtube videos are between 7–15 minutes per topic.

Of course, there are some Creators out there who go longer. Hence I sometimes schedule myself for two videos per hour. Occasionally if the topic is merited I watch for a full hour.

One of the pitfalls of researching youtube videos is that there are usually so many Creators on any given topic. They list these darn Videos right next to the one you are watching and even sometimes they are off-topic. But they look so interesting and so you then can use up your valuable time by watching them.

In an office, a brown desk or table with a cell phone on it. An open-note book, pen atop it with handwritten information. Someone's eyeglasses in shades of brown are laying across the book pages. A silverfish laptop opened in from of the notebook. I see these thing looking toward where one would sit to use these items if at some task or work unknow to me.
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Medium How to Research or Topic Research:

When I need specific information on how to or the best way to do Medium stuff, I just go to Google and type in the word Medium — Topic. The Topic I need to know about is there. A whole list of them.

I go down this google listing of the relevant information that I am looking for. I open that page either in a new tab or as a new window and minimize that window. Depending on the topic I have between five to ten selections.

I find that a four to five-minute article fits nicely into my twenty to thirty-minute Time Management System. And if I have to, there is time to do a couple of longer reading time articles to read.

Research Notes:

When I research a topic, that others have written or expressed in a Youtube Video. I write them down as I hear or read what I want to know. I hit that Pause button or stop reading to do so.



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